Bird In Hand

The story of Bird In Hand is told with the mode of "looking back". Felix (a boy), narrating the story during his first high school summer. He notes that flamingos aren’t indigenous to Florida but were brought from Cuba by a real estate developer who clipped their wings to keep them from flying back home. The same feeling with Felix for his experience and background. The theme park is owned by his Cuban immigrant father. The tensions between parental expectations and Felix’s own inclinations provide another narrative thread. 

BIRD IN HAND is a road map of places to which we continually return, knowing that we can never go back. In the script, seems reality against imagination. Some scenes, we’re told, are simply daydreams. The metaphor for immigrants is like the flamingos that are the main attractions in Miami’s Bird land Family Theme Park, maybe not. Every body are finding a place in this world.

Creative Team
Directed by Shanti Pillai and Marc Gomes
Scenic Designer: Xiyu Lin
Costume Designer: Sara Lindsey
Lighting Designer: Caitlin Eby
Makeup Designers: Angelo Guzman Godoy, Michael LePage
Stage Manager: Josie Austin

Felix: Florentino Carillo
Gabriel: Connor Tribole
Susan: Alyssa Ratto
Vanessa: Montana Bull
Macaw: Will Jorge
Flamingos: Marcus Garrido, Moraud Lebastchi, Rebecca Nakano, Ammy Ontiveros, Brenda Orellana, Tommy Nguyen

Sketch & Model of Bird In Hand