Sophie Treadwell's classic Machinal is a powerful drama that explores the deeply corrosive effects of misogyny in America. Machinal tells the story of Helen, a young woman who feels that every decision she makes merely moves her from one cage to another. This social imprisonment forces Helen to confront the question, is there any place a woman can truly be free? Directed by Julianne Just (co-artistic director of The Speakeasy Society).

Concept for the scenic of Machinal:
"I feel like Helen is trapped in this cold world and we will feel in the same way as we watch it on stage so I wanted to create a place where she is always trapped and couldn't get rid of ."

Creative Team
Directed by Julianne Just
Scenic Design: Xiyu Lin
Costume Design: Sara Lindsey
Lighting Design: Szu-Yun Wang
Sound Design: Chris Porter
Makeup Design: Tiffany Tseng
Stage Manager: Robert Wyllie


April Sigman-Marx, Chris Bange, Riel Paley, Tom Trudgeon, Bryce Maniex, Leslie Valdez, Brendan Backman, Alejandra Machado, Saby Ramírez Chajón, Joshua Kemmling,Jose Vargas

episode 1 detail1.jpg

Props Sketch of Machinal