The Duchess of Malfi

Considered one of the greatest English renaissance dramas, a Duchess marries beneath her class only to meet a nightmarish fate when her brothers seek revenge in this tale of greed, ambition, love, and lost innocence. CSULB continues a tradition of reimagining classic works with this bloody Jacobean tragedy.

Concept for the scenic of The Duchess of Malfi:
"I feel like all the characters are going through a path; there are so many truths and evils under the table that are waiting to be discovered so I wanted to create layers, and an atmosphere of mystery waiting to be uncovered. With the crack in the floor it forms a path but also something dangerous."

Creative Team
Directed by Rob Clare
Scenic Design: Xiyu Lin
Costume Design: Sara Lindsey
Lighting Design: Szu-Yun Wang
Sound Design: Carlos Torres
Makeup Design: Paula Le
Stage Manager: Megan Beretta


Chris Blonski, Spear Chen, Marcos Valdes Garriado, Marc Gomes, Robert Hart, Tommy Nguyen, Lawrence Patchin, Solana Price, Gaelyn Wilkie

 Sketch & Model of The Duchess of Malfi

Sketch & Model of The Duchess of Malfi